Manufacturer and Distributor of PVC Hose in Korea

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PVC & TPU Hoses, Lay Flat Discharge Hose

We produce - PVC Layflat Discharge Hose , Suction Hose (spiral hose), Spray Hose, Welding Hose, Duct Hose, Air Hose and Braided Hose.

Our High Pressure Spray Hose is being used for Spraying Agricultural Chemicals, Digging Lands and Washing.

Our High Pressure PVC Layflat Hose WF-04 is mostly used in mining site and in agricultural field of high altitude.

Our TPU layflat discharge hose Model WTF-01 is used for temporary transportation line for water and oil supply.

Heavy Duty Clear Suction Hose - This hose is used for general water supply, sprinkler and others

Twin Weling Hose- It is used for welding and painting. Two hoses are combines. high flame resistance. Low curvature radius.